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Najma Jamaldin offers legal services in criminal and regulatory defences and appeals.

Experienced Advocacy

Najma Jamaldin, along with lawyers in her law chambers, offer legal services in criminal and regulatory defences and appeals. If you face prosecution or intend to appeal a decision, you need legal advice. Consult Najma Jamaldin to schedule a consultation.

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Practice Areas


Anyone found guilty of an offence has the right to appeal to a higher court that reviews the trial decision. The appeal court imposes strict timelines which require prompt action. Contact Najma to learn more.

Bail Pending Appeal

A convicted person who files a notice of appeal may apply for bail. Find out how Najma can assist you in obtaining bail.

Bail Pending Trial

The initial charge can feel overwhelming. You will need experienced defence counsel to assist you through all the steps from the initial charge to the trial.

Trials - Criminal, Quasi-Criminal and Regulatory

Bail is vital. A justice of the peace or a judge allows a person charged to live in the community while awaiting trial. Without bail, the accused loses the presumption of innocence and may experience unnecessary job losses and family separation.

Youth Criminal Justice Act (``YCJA``)

The YCJA applies to youth between 12 and 17 years old. It takes into account the lack of maturity in young persons. Young persons receive the special protections of the YCJA until they become 18 years old.

Proceeds of Crime and Asset Forfeiture

Increasingly, governments have acted to seize funds or property suspected of having arisen from criminal activity. As a result, those targeted by the asset forfeiture regime need seasoned advice in seeking the return of the assets.